Platinum Play Casino offers a great bonus for friends who refer new members. Platinum Play knows that word of mouth is the strongest motivator for someone to join a site. Because of this, they employ the referral bonus, which rewards players even more. Both the existing member and the new member are rewarded for this effort.

How the System Works

To let you see how the system works, we will discuss the process of the referral bonus. First, the existing member is given €100 for every friend he successfully refers. For this to be credited to the players account, they must have or create a "real user" account. This means that those who are playing on the site for free are not eligible for the bonus.

Once the friend starts to make an account, they must then link it with the existing player. This is done so that the site knows that the two are friends and that the new member was referred by the existing one. The link is created by typing the first name of the member and inputting their e-mail address. The e-mails and names much match from both accounts for them to be linked. If the new player register before this link is created, the bonus cannot be redeemed.

The new player must then meet their own set of requirements before they are able to earn their bonus. First, they must deposit at least €50 and place a bet on at least one game. The existing member is not able to redeem their bonus until the new member meets the set requirements. However, the existing player is able to look at the status of the new member to see how progress is going. Once the new player meets the requirements, the existing member has two weeks to redeem their bonus.

Once the players meet the listed requirements, they need to meet the wagering requirements within 30 days.