Match Bonuses

What the Signup Bonus is

Online casinos have to find a way to pull in new players every day. If there is no benefit to joining a site, players can easily shift to another site that has better offers and incentives. Because of this, most sites offer a sign up bonus for new players. In essence, the sign up bonus was created to make players create an account and then deposit money into their account.

Most online casinos offer more than one form of a signup bonus, letting the player choose what is most beneficial to them. No matter what the player chooses, they will be required to create an account and then submit some payment information. This is used to make sure the player is there to play as well as a form of contact information.

The Match Bonus

While there can be several types of bonuses, there are certainly some bonuses that are more common than others. The match deposit will be the type of deposit you are most likely to see. The match deposit is where the casino will credit your account with the same amount you put in. Of course, there are limitations to how much you can put into the account, but that amount differs from site to site. This bonus usually is only good for the first deposit you put into your account, but it can change based on the site you are visiting.

Some sites allow you to stagger your bonus, which is then worked on a larger system of deposits. This lets players carry their deposit for up to 5 levels, depending on the site. For those who are serious about gambling, the match deposit is a great way to earn some extra money to use on the site. When played right, that amount can easily multiply and quickly become profitable.

Don't get fooled into thinking that the match bonus is there to be kind to players. The online casino scene is still a business, and it should be taken that way as well. Because of that, several casinos are trying to do better than the competition and get more members with their bonuses. This can actually play to your advantage, and you can wait and see what site has the best offer. Don't just blindly jump into a membership, look around and see what they have to offer.

You should look at the other bonuses as well, not just the signup bonus. Some other bonuses can include top up bonuses and welcome bonuses. Also, research and see what games are offered. Even if the bonus is great, it doesn't help if there is nothing you want to play on the site.